Reatta Owners Journal

These instructions provide you with the steps needed to diagnose the electrical system that opens the Fuel Access Door.

NOTE: The Fuel Access Door can be opened by using the lever located inside the trunk near the door when the button will not open it.


Before proceeding with the instructions below  make certain the problem is not mechanical. The solenoid can operate properly and door still not open. The latch could be binding (lubricate) or it may need to be adjusted laterally to allow clearance.

Check fuse #17, a 20 amp fuse, located in the hidden fuse panel to be sure it is good. If your trunk release works the fuse is probably not the problem.

Be aware that the '90-'91 fuse panel is mounted upside down. Make sure you don't confuse with the fuse immediately above or below.

  1. #16 is the Crank fuse 3 Amp
    #18 is for the Electronic Level Control (Riviera only) and will be empty.
    #19 is 10 Amp AC fuse

  2. Pull back the carpet in the trunk over the left wheel well to expose the Fuel Access Door solenoid. (see photo above)
  3. Remove the connector going to the solenoid and test the pink wire for 12 volts when the switch is being pressed. If the pink wire has 12 volts check the ground wire (the other contact) for good ground. If the ground is OK the solenoid is probably bad. Pull the solenoid and check/replace as needed..
  4. If the pink wire does not have 12 volts at the solenoid, check the pink wire at the switch for 12 volts. If you have 12 volts on the pink wire at the switch inspect the pink wire between the switch and the solenoid for a break or bad connection.
  5. Check the orange wire going to the switch for 12 volts. If you have 12 volts on the orange wire replace the switch. If you don't have 12 volts on the orange wire check for breaks or bad connections between fuse #17 and the switch. 

Thanks to Mc_Reatta, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.


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