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BCM = Body Control Module
ECM = Engine Control Module
IPC = Instrument Panel Cluster.

NOTE: Two different methods were used for accessing trouble codes. Please select your model year below.

1988-1989 MODELS

  • With the key on, engine running or not, go the climate screen on the CRT and press and hold the OFF and WARM buttons at the same time.
  • The service engine soon lamp will light and the ECM codes will be listed followed by the BCM codes and then the IPC codes.
  • They go by quite fast so you may want to write them down. Any code with a "h" after it will be a code that was current, but is not now, and is listed a "history" code. Any code that does not have an "h" is a current code.
  • ECM codes will start with a "e" and then 3 digits, BCM with a "b" etc.
  • After the codes are listed the screen will say ECM? This means do you want to diagnose the ECM.
  • If there were "e" codes push "yes" if not, push "no" and the screen will go to the BCM?
  • If there are ECM codes after pushing "yes" it will ask several questions.
  • Keep pushing "no" until the question "ECM code reset" comes up and then push "yes".
  • You can go from the ECM to the BCM and then to the IPC and clear any codes.
  • You can't hurt anything by doing this procedure and even if you make a mistake simply push "end" or shut off the key and everything will go back to normal.

1990-1991 MODELS

  • Turn on the key and on your ECC ( climate control module ) push the "OFF" and temperature up ( up arrow ) at the same time and hold them until the car goes into the diagnostic mode.
  • You will see all of the lights on the IPC light up and the trouble codes will then be read out where the mileage usually is.
  • Write down the codes as they go by. They go by pretty fast so write them down quickly and watch for the next.
  • First you will get the engine codes eg. Exxx, then you will get the body codes eg. Bxxx then some IPC codes eg. Rxxx and maybe an SIR code.
  • If any code has an "h" after it that means it is a code in history and not current. No "h" means it is a current code.
  • After all the codes have displayed you will get a Ec? this means do you want to diagnose the engine computer.
  • Pressing the Fan down arrow you will be telling the computer no, the fan up arrow means yes.
  • If you did get any Ec codes and you want to clear them, when you get the Ec? push yes and then it will ask you questions, keep pushing no until it asks if you want to clear the E codes then push yes.
  • If you have no E codes and/or want to go to the B codes when it asks you Ec? push the fan down button for no and it will then ask you Bc, and you can push yes.
  • It will then ask you questions and you continue pushing no until it ask CLR b code and you push the up fan for yes.
  • You cannot hurt anything or screw up anything by doing this and if you make a mistake simply turn off the key and start over or push the bi-level button next to the fan switch.

This information courtesy of Padgett.


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