Reatta Owners Journal

Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (Air Bag) Codes for ODB1

Code - Description
R014 - Dual Pole Arming Sensor Disconnected
R015 - Passenger Initiator Circuit Resistance High
R016 - Passenger Initiator Circuit Resistance Low
R017 - Passenger Initiator Circuit Open
R018 - Discriminating Sensor Interconnect Open
R019 - Passenger Initiator Circuit Voltage High
R021 - Driver Initiator Circuit Resistance High
R022 - Driver Initiator Circuit Resistance Low
R023 - Driver Initiator Circuit Voltage High
R024 - Initiator Circuit Voltage Low
R025 - Initiator Circuit Short to Ignition
R026 - Driver Initiator Circuit Open
R028 - Current Sink Or Source Failure
R031 - Driver Loop Energy Reserve Feed Open
R034 - Dual Pole Arming Sensor Ignition Feed Open
R035 - Discriminating Sensor Open or Missing
R036 - Passenger Loop Energy Reserve Feed Open
R042 - Loop Energy Reserve Voltage Low
R043 - Driver Source Feed Low
R044 - Passenger Source Feed Low
R051 - Frontal Crash Detected
R052 - Data Area Full
R053 - Driver Side Low High Resistance
R054 - Passenger Side Low High Resistance
R055 - DERM Incompatibility
R061 - SIR Indicator Circuit Failure
R062 - Redundant SIR Indicator Circuit Failure
R071 - Internal Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module Fault
R075 - Internal DERM Fault
R081 - Driver Ignition Diode Open
R082 - Passenger Ignition Diode Open
R083 - Driver Reserve Diode Shorted
R084 - Passenger Reserve Diode Shorted


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