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There are fuse panels located on the passenger side of the center console ('88-'89 models) and the drivers side of the center console ('90-'91 models).

On '88-'89 models one of the fuse panels can be accessed by a small door on the passenger side of the console. To access the other fuse panel the side cover of the center console must be removed.

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Fuse & Breaker Panels '88-'89 models

In addition to the fuses under the console access panel, there is a second hidden 'Fuse Block' directly in front of the primary fuse panel, on the passenger side of the console.

You have to remove the console side panel to get to to the hidden fuse block.

Approx: 8 torx head screws hold it in place. There are seven relays in this panel. One of them is for the fog lights, another is for hi-low beam headlights. The relays are still available at auto parts stores or Buick dealer. GM part # 14100455

hidden fuses breakers 3

Location of the hidden fuse panel on '88-'89 models


Fuse & Breaker Panels '90-'91 models

Location of the fuse & breaker panel on '90-'91 models
(Note the fuse panel is mounted upside down on these models)

fuses drivers side 90

relay panel 90


Accessible Fuse & Breaker Identification

Fuses and relays that are accessible by removing the doors on the side of the console.

hidden fuses breakers 4

Backside of '88 model fuse block cover door


Backside of '90 model breaker panel cover door

Thanks to members of the Reatta forums, for this information and photos.


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