How to troubleshoot ABS wheel sensors.

This tutorial assumes you have already checked ABS codes and found a wheel sensor code. If you have not checked for ABS codes you should do so before continuing with this tutorial. Instructions can be found here:  How To Check ABS Codes

Once you have determined that you have a wheel sensor code stored in the EBCM don't assume you have narrowed it down to a specific wheel. It is commonly known that the codes do not always indicate the specific sensor that is bad.

Troubleshooting Buick Reatta ABS wheel sensors is done in three basic steps to ensure they are in good working order.

  1. Checking to see if resistance of the sensor and leads are within specifications.
  2. Checking to see if output voltage of the sensor is within specifications.
  3. Visually inspecting the sensor leads for cracks and missing insulation.

This tutorial will lead you through the logical process of troubleshooting the ABS sensors and leads to help you determine which ones need to be replaced.

ABOUT CLEARING ABS CODES: ABS codes are stored in non-volatile memory. You cannot clear the codes by unplugging the ECBM, disconnecting the battery cables or turning off the ignition switch.  To clear the ABS codes you must drive the car over 18 miles per hour and they will automatically be cleared if you have repaired all problems that caused the ABS trouble codes to set. If you drive the car greater than 18 miles per hour and the yellow ABS light comes on the ECBM is still detecting a problem and codes will be present when you check the codes again. 
The ECBM will not allow the codes to be cleared unless ALL codes have been read.

Thanks to members of the AACA and ROJ Reatta forums for this information. Special thanks to Michiner 55 for supplying the photos.

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