Reatta Owners Journal

1. Remove the shift handle, shift indicator plate, then the center console trim inlay. Shift handle is held on with a C clip and is easiest to remove if the transmission is in neutral as the clip pulls straight out toward the front of the car.

Be careful removing the console trim inlay. It fits pretty tight against the trim around the cassette deck and console switch bank so is easy to damage the aluminum skin when pulling it up and away.

2. Once you can get to the underside of the center console trim plate there is a metal retaining bracket that holds the power window and mirror switches to the underside of the center console trim. There are a few screws to be removed to get the bracket loose and then the switches are free save for the wiring harness connections.

Be careful removing the main connector from the power window switch, the plastic housing will be brittle from age and is easy to break.

3. There is a second smaller 4 wire connector for the backlighting on the switch that needs to be removed as well.

Thanks to KDirk, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.


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