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Factory OEM remote transmitters are hard to find. Transmitters for other GM vehicles can be used.

The two types I use are:

Buick remote: PN 22093186   (FCC ID 8LQ9Z6-1507)

Cadillac remote: PN 10178734   (FCC ID ABO07021)

I prefer the Caddy. Buick ones are hard to come by in good condition and a lot harder to work the buttons.

Other ones that can interchange:

  1. GM 10269729
  2. GM 10178734
  3. GM 22100951
  4. GM 22100945
  5. GM 22100689

And the following FCC ID's ABO0702T ABO0502T GLQ9Z6-1507

Programming instructions can be found here .

You must program two at the same time. If you only have one you have to program it twice. Two is the most that this system can handle.

I think the fact the receiving antenna is in the rear window makes it somewhat directional which results in variability in how far away they will work. They seem to work best when approaching from the front or back. Not so well from the sides.

Thanks to Mc_Reatta, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.

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