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Removing the trim from the doors isn't too bad.  There is an acorn nut holding a stud through the door panel at both ends.  The rest of the molding is held on with plastic snap clips. The clips are attached to the door by small metal pegs welded to the door skin.

The clips have keyhole slots that slide on and off the pegs welded to the door skin. The moldings snap off (and back onto) the clips.

  • To remove the molding from the clips you have to push it upward while popping/prying it off the clip on the top.  Then pull it away and clear of the clips. NOTE: The top edge of the clip is less likely to break than the bottom edge, due to the design of the clips 
  • To reinstall place the clips on the door first, making sure that are aligned straight.  Then press and snap the moldings into place over the clips.  NOTE: This is much easier in warm or hot weather (or in a heated workshop) as the plastic the strips are made of is more flexible and easier to work than when cold.

The front fender (short piece) is held on to the fender by two acorn nuts on the inside surface.  A bit tricky to get to but can be done with the door open and a socket wrench with an extension of the proper length and maybe a universal joint/swivel.  NOTE: These acorn nuts are some of the few SAE fasteners on the Reatta.  They aren't metric.  I think they are 3/8" nuts. 

The rear fender moldings are held with clips like the front door moldings.  They have no studs through the body.

The bumpers are a bit more complicated.  To get the rub strips off (front or rear), you really need to remove the aluminum impact bar from the impact absorbers (4 bolts each).

The clear coat on the color keyed trim will split if you don't remove it very carefully.

  • To remove: Set the bumper up on a work bench as the rub strips are retained with molded in studs mounted through the lower facia and impact bar with about 16-20 (by my recollection) 13mm self tapping nuts with captive washers.  You'll need an extension to get to these with a socket wrench, and probably need to remove the center reinforcement plate from the inside surface of the impact bar.  Also need to pull the front license plate holder if present as it goes on over the rub strips.
  • To reinstall:  Start each nut gently until it seems to thread on smoothly.  Reattach it from the center, working outward both directions and holding it tight against the facia and impact bar while installing one nut at a time to prevent the molding from having gaps and warping where it rests against the impact bar for a clean, tight appearance. 

Be careful on reinstallation of the strip to the bumper as over tightening the self tapping nuts will dimple the outer surface of the strip, especially at the corners. As well, the studs can be ripped off the back of the strip with too much torque.

Thanks to KDirk, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.

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