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  • The front fender piece has two acorn nuts holding metal studs through the body. Will need to remove the rearward plastic splash guard in the front wheel well to access properly. You might get at it with the door open at just the right angle and the right type of tool, but is no fun at all to do that way.
  • The long one on the door has a nut on both ends (on the inside of the door) then it is held on with plastic clips. You have to push it upward while popping/prying it off the clip on the top.
  • The rear fender piece also clips on. It can (usually) be slid forward slightly and then removed from the body pegs with the clips still attached.
  • Reinstalling the trim is easier to do by installing the clips to the body first then snapping the molding over it, bottom edge first. Use palm of hand to persuade the top edge to snap over the detent on each clip.
  • The rubber molding on the bumper is pretty easy to remove. You just have to remove the bumpers from the shock absorbers, I believe 14mm X4 bolts have to be removed. Then there are many small 12 or 13 mm nuts on plastic studs that must be removed from the inside of the bumper. You can get all of them without removing the mounts, but you have to get creative. Once all of those are out, the trim comes off the bumper.

    The clear coat on the color keyed trim will split if you don't remove it very carefully.

  • The valence is really simple from that point too, but I've found 2 different kinds of fasteners on those on my 90s. Either way, it's fastened on under the trim. I believe the front and rear bumper are the same, I've done both on my color keyed 90 recently.

Thanks to members of the Reatta forum for this information.


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