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These instructions are for mounting a  2000 Oldsmobile Alero spoiler.


This is how the finished product will look.

The Alero spoiler is 53 inches wide and 6-1/2 inches front to back. The right tip of the spoiler has 1 inch clearance between it and the antenna. It has 1-1/4 inches clearance underneath.

These instructions are long for a fairly simple job. My spoiler was only prime painted when I got it. I didn't paint the spoiler until after I drilled the trunk lid holes. Then I had the spoiler painted by a professional and then I mounted the painted spoiler.

I began the installation by mounting the spoiler to a large piece of cardboard using the four screw holes in the spoiler. Be sure to make the holes in the cardboard fit accurately. I cut the head off 4 bolts that fit the spoiler and ground the ends to a ~45 degree point. I then threaded the bolts into the spoiler with the 4 points sticking out. Then I laid the cardboard on the workbench and used  the points of the bolts to center punch the cardboard where the bolt holes should be. You will be using the holes in the cardboard as a template later to drill the holes in the trunk lid.

Mounting the spoiler to the cardboard makes it easy to position the spoiler on the truck lid in order to decide where you want it located. I tied a string between the cardboard and the trunk lid to keep it from sliding down. (See photo below)

Be sure to put masking tape on the screw heads under the card board or you will scratch the trunk lid paint!


Once you have the spoiler located where you like it, apply masking tape to the trunk lid under the edge of the cardboard as shown in the photo. Then put pencil marks on the masking tape and the cardboard so you can locate the cardboard in exactly the same place after you remove the spoiler from the cardboard.
The spoiler in the photo shown above is not in it's final location.


The photos below will show you where I positioned the spoiler before I drilled the holes.


This photo shows how the curvature of the spoiler matches that of the trunk lid.

This photo shows the distance from the back edge of the spoiler mounting base
to the edge of the trunk lid.

This photo shows the distance from the edge of the trunk lid to the left edge of the spoiler mounting base.

Once you have the spoiler located and have the cardboard marked so you can put it back in the came place, remove the spoiler from the cardboard. Now, put the cardboard back on the trunk lid in the same, exact place as it was before and tape it in place with masking tape. Mark the trunk lid where holes need to be located. Use the photos below for more reference as to where the bolt holes should be.

If you position the spoiler the same place I did, the bolt holes will be drilled through the curved part of the trunk lid bracing. See photo below.

Once the holes are drilled in the correct location, remove the cardboard and clean the trunk lid.
Now you are ready to mount the spoiler.  I had to make my own rubber gasket to go between the mounting base and the trunk lid.  An old inner tube from a tire works well if you can find one.  I used stainless screws to mount the spoiler.  I put a small amount of clear silicon around the bolt holes to be sure the installation was water tight.

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