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Instructions for wiring the compass/map light rear view mirror from the 1992 Roadmaster in a Reatta.

On the convertible, the trim cover needs to be removed to access the mirror wiring. For coupes, try to slideing the connector out from under the headliner by gently tugging on the wires. Also, you can try removing the visor clips to help free the center of the headliner a bit.

The following are instructions for wiring the compass rear View mirror to a Reatta.

1.) Unscrew the visor clips - one Phillips screw on each. Note that on the convertible, the clips stay with the trim piece, because there is a second screw on the back of the trim piece holding them on.

2.) Unscrew each of the visors - three Phillips screws on each. Gently let them drop and hang by the wire.

3.) Unscrew the black Phillips screws - one at each end of the trim piece. On the convertible, the ridge around the black top plate may get in the way of the screw. If so, loosen the end screw on the top plate a bit in order to be able to lift the plate slightly to get the needed clearance.

4.) To remove the mirror, use your trusty T-15 torx driver on the set screw holding the mirror to the button, then lift it up and off.

Convertible owners may also want to take advantage of the opportunity to replace their broken original visor clips with Kingsley's versions, (Reatta Specialty Parts), while the trim is off the car.

Reverse the above for re-installation of the trim.

Wiring the mirror:

Referring to the attached diagram, the compass rear view mirror has a 4 pin connector with the following wires [note the letter is the cavity ID stamped on the connector shell]:

A: black/white stripe; courtesy light ground (unused on Reatta)
B: black/no stripe ; main ground (must be connected)
C: black/green stripe; +12VDC for map lights
D: black/blue stripe ; +12VDC for compass

Now, the Reatta has a three pin connector with only two wires:

A: brown/white strip ; +12VDC (hot in accessory & run only)
B: black/no stripe ; ground
C: no connection


The following connections need to be made:

1. Black/no stripe wire on vehicle side harness to black/no stripe wire on rear view mirror harness.

2. Brown/white stripe wire on vehicle side harness to black/blue stripe AND black/green stripe on rear view mirror harness. Note that both these wires (black/green and black/blue) must be tied to the brown/white 12 volt supply for both the compass and map lights to operate.

The black/white stripe wire can remain unconnected as it is unused on the Reatta. Note that when grounded, it turns on both map lights in the rear view mirror, overriding the internal map light switches. This is for applications where the map lights double as courtesy lamps.

As far as mounting, the mirror mount is the same as the Reatta stock mirror. A single torx screw holds the mirror mount to the retainer on the windshield. [see photo below]

Once all the wiring is connected and tidied up, turning on the ignition to accessory or run should cause the compass display to light up with a pale blue background. The current direction should appear shortly.

*If there is a long delay before the direction appears, the mirror needs calibration.
*If the lights on the bottom of the mirror will come on and the compass readout does not light up the polarity of the wires could be incorrect.

Calibration instructions:

1. Drive to an open level area and park vehicle. Maintain distance of at least 20 feet from other vehicles and 100 feet from buildings and other metal objects.

2. With the engine running, push and hold the push button located on the drivers side of the rear-view mirror bracket. [see photo]
The display will go blank. In about three seconds, the letters "CAL" (in small letters) will appear in the display. Continue to hold the button until a symbol resembling a number "8" appears then release the button. The display will begin to blink.

compass mirror

3. After one or two minutes, the display will change to show two symbols resembling the number "88". Now turn the vehicle in the opposite direction (180 degrees), within two minutes.

4. Push the button until the display begins to blink, then release.

5. After another minute or two, the display will change to a slowly blinking "N".

6. Now point the vehicle North, you will have two minutes to complete this step.

7. Push the button a final time, until the display stops blinking and "CAL" disappears. The compass is now set.

A couple of final notes:

The vehicle side harness in the Reatta is tucked up above the headliner. When pulled out, there is very little (about 2-3" worth) wire to work with. This makes the connections difficult, so be careful to cut the connector off as close to the shell as possible.

I managed to re-pin the harness on the rear view mirror re-using the 3 pin connector shell on the stock mirror to avoid cutting off the vehicle side connector in the car, but this is a very nasty job on this particular connector type. Chopping the vehicle side connector is probably easier, although I understand some may not like that approach.

Since the compass and map lights are both powered from the same 12 volt switched supply, the compass will operate in retained accessory power, just as the map lights will.

- KDirk

Additional Comments:

You asked about how I installed my compass mirror.

I soldered two pieces of sanded paper clip, to the compass mirror wires. About 1/2 inches long, with heat shrink tubing over them. This left about 1/4 inch sticking out of the shrink tubing. I plugged those into the plug from under the headliner and pushed it all back under the headliner.


 I avoided cutting or otherwise making any wiring changes to my Reatta by making a little adapter cable. I spliced together a 1x3 plug on one side, rescued from a similar adapter harness that is present in some early '90s Cadillac mirrors, and the 2x2 socket that I cut out of the donor cars wiring harness. Solder the splices, with some heat shrink tubing to cover the splices. Wrap with black electrical tape. Plug. Play.


Thanks to members of the Reatta forums for this information.


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