Reatta Owners Journal

The following information is intended to help identify the wiring and splices that are located under the carpet, beneath the passenger and drivers seats and under the door sills.

wire splice-B
View of wires under the seats with the wire cover removed

Legend: Purple/yellow = Purple wire with a yellow stripe

Passenger side door sill area:

  • Black - power mirrors
  • Lt Blue - Theft deterrent, jamb switch
  • Lt Blue - power mirrors
  • Purple/yellow - courtesy lights
  • Lt Green - Theft deterrent door key switch
  • White - Jamb switch courtesy lights, show

Passenger side cross wires under seat:

  • Pink - Windows
  • Black - mirrors, keyless entry, lighter
  • Gray (bluegray) - door handle switch - courtesy lights, show
  • Yellow - mirrors
  • Black/white - door switches, courtesy lights, show, theft deterrent
  • Brown - ash tray light

Driver side cross wires under seat:

  • Black - windows, seat
  • Orange - door lights
  • Lt Blue - door locks, keyless entry
  • Black - door locks, keyless entry
  • Tan - door locks
  • Gray - door locks
  • Orange/Black - door and trunk locks

Driver side door sill area:

  • Orange/Black - seats

Thanks to Mc_Reatta, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.


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