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The ABS electronic control module (which may be referred to as the EBCM is a microprocessor that functions much like the engine control computer. To troubleshoot the ABS system you may need to check the codes stored in the EBCM. You must short two pins on the ALDL connector located under the dash on the drivers side.

Checking ABS codes can NOT be done with a normal scanner or through the Reatta diagnostics screen.

How to check EBCM codes:

  • With the key off remove the ALDL cover. ALDL location can be found here
  • Using a piece of wire or a small paper clip, jumper the following terminals in the ALDL connector:
    • 1988 model - terminals A&G
    • 1989 and 1990 model - terminals A&H
    • 1991 model?

Turn the key on. Yellow ABS light will flash. Count the flashes. The light will flash a number of times, pause, then flash some more. Write down the first codes, then while leaving the key on, remove the jumper, then put it back. If there is a second code it will flash.

First code with key on:
Flash + Flash
Flash + Flash
Then ABS light stays on solid

This would be a code 22 (Flash, Flash + Flash, Flash =22)

Then take off the jumper while the key is on and re-insert:
Flash + Flash + Flash
Then ABS light stays on solid.

This would be a code 13 (Flash + Flash, Flash, Flash =13)

Repeat removing and replacing the jumper until the yellow light stays on steady. This will give you all the codes stored in the EBCM.

  Click here for a chart of ABS codes
Refer to the Field Service Manual (FSM) for help interpreting the codes and additional information on troubleshooting the ABS system.

Thanks to Padgett, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.


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