The following instructions will explain how to build a cheap Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) tester. Total cost is less than $ 5.00. It is needed for the Crank Position Sensor & ICM Troubleshooting Tutorial

Parts Needed:

  • 1 - 12 volt automotive type LED with built in resistor
  • 2 - Fully insulated, 2 inch, Alligator Clips



See photos below

  1. Strip insulation from the end of each wire to expose 1/2" of bare wire.
  2. Remove the alligator clips from the rubber insulator.
  3. Slide the rubber insulation over the matching colored wires.
  4. Run the wires through the end of alligator clips as shown in the photo.

  5. Wind the wire around the screw clockwise and tighten the screw down.
  6. Carefully crimp the end of the alligator clip on the wire without cutting the wire.
  7. Slide the rubber insulators over the alligator clip.



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