Replacing the filler tube to fuel tank rubber hoses.

Gaining access to the two rubber hoses at the fuel tank is very accessible but the opposite end of the hoses that connect to the filler tubes is inaccessible above the rear suspension. To ease the installation of these hoses, it is easier to drop the rear suspension to gain access to the filler tube hose clamps.

  1. Loosen the lug nuts on the both rear wheels.
  2. Raise the rear of the car and place jack stands in front of the rear tires under the frame.
  3. Remove the rear wheels.
  4. Place the floor jack directly under the rear suspension. There is an "X" under the center of the rear suspension and raise the floor jack to meet with the "X". This will support the rear suspension. There are two bolts that hold the rear suspension to the frame, remove the 2 bolts. Slowly lower the rear suspension until the strut towers almost meet the rear of the wheel well. This will allow for sufficient room to gain access to the rubber hoses and the filler tubes.
  5. Remove the hose clamps. Use a razor blade knife to slice the end of the rubber hoses to remove the old hoses off of the filler tube and the overflow tube.
  6. If performing this procedure in the winter or cold months, the new rubber hoses will not be sufficiently pliable to insert the filler tubes into the hoses.


    Use a hair dryer to warm the rubber hose to allow the rubber to expand over the lips of the filler tube.and onto the lips of the fuel tank.  Work quickly to install one hose at a time not allowing the rubber to cool off while connecting the hose to both the filler tube and the tube connection on the fuel tank.

    Do not forget to place the hose clamps on the rubber hose before installing the rubber hose onto the tube connections.

    Next, heat the other hose and insert the hose clamps onto the hose then insert the hose to the filler tube and fuel tank connection.
  7. Place the hose clamps onto the hose ends and tighten down.
  8. Raise the floor jack until the rear suspension meets the frame and install the 2 bolts.
  9. Remount your wheels and snug down the lug nuts.
  10. Raise the car to remove the jack stands then lower the car to floor level and tighten the lug nuts.

Thanks to Woody (89 MAUI), member of the AACA Reatta and ROJ forum, for this information.

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