This tutorial is for replacing the fuel pump once you have the fuel pump assembly removed from the tank. Click here for instructions on removing the fuel pump assembly from the tank.

This is what the assembly should look like after you have it removed from the tank:fuel pump dis-assembly-1

Fuel Pump Replacement Instructions:

While performing the removal I recommend holding the lower portion of the "L" Bracket, Not at the upper part of the "L" Bracket where the fuel gauge sender assembly is located so as not to disrupt the wiring and the float.

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector from  the pump and move it out of the way.
  2. Remove the strainer from the bottom of the pump. the strainer just pulls out of the bottom of the pump.
  3. Remove the fuel pump from the assembly : The part of the assembly holding the pump is like a long "L" Bracket with a loop on the bottom. The pump is held in place by the loop on the bottom. (see photo below)

    Moving the pump up towards the tank mounting plate, (about 1/4"), allows the bottom of the pump to come out of the loop at the bottom of the "L" Bracket. Then the pump can be angled out of the bottom of the "L" Bracket. You can slide the pump out of the rubber seal/connector by using a back and forth rotation while pulling on the pump. (see photo below)

    Be sure to hold onto the rubber seal/connector with your other hand to prevent damage to it or other parts of the assembly!

    fuel pump dis-assembly-3

To install the new pump:

  1. Insert the top of the pump into the rubber seal/connector and push the pump sufficiently to allow the bottom of the pump to be able to pass into the bottom of the "L" Bracket.
  2. Slide the pump into the loop at the bottom of the "L" Bracket and seat the pump.

  3. Reconnect the electrical connector.
  4. Reinstall the strainer on the bottom of the pump.

Thanks to 89 Maui, member of the AACA and ROJ Reatta forums, for this information and photos!

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