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This tutorial has instructions for installing Dorman 924-005 Subframe Mount Kits the on the Buick Reatta. These parts are aftermarket parts that were not originally installed on the Reatta at the factory.

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Preparing to install the mounts

Parts Needed:

  • 6 Dorman 924-005 Subframe Mount Kits.
    *The bolts that come with the Dorman kits will not work on the Buick Reatta.
    *No auto parts listings will show these mounts as fitting the Buick Reatta.
    cradle bushings-2 
  • 6 GM bolts part # 11517635 (Gm Parts Direct) You may be able to source them elsewhere. The GM bolt is metric with larger bolt head 18mm and slightly thicker on the shaft near bold head. Bolts are 4 inches long from underside of head to tip.  4.5 inches long overall and fit Dorman mounts perfectly.
    cradle bushings-1
  • 1 or 2 nuts that fit new center bolts (NAPA part number 81477). 1 nut is needed for use in compressing and seating the mounts in the frame. The extra nut is a spare.
  • One Washer used for compressing and seating bushings ( used one of the good factory top washers from the factory mounts, you will likely get a good one from one of the front mounts. They drop into the top of the Dorman washer and are perfect for the seating/compressing of the bushings explained later in this document.
    cradle bushings-10

Tools Needed for Removal and Install

  • 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch ratchets
  • 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm sockets
  • PB Blaster
  • Impact wrench (Air and or Electric)
  • 4 Jack Stands
  • Floor Jack
  • 1/2 drive Torque Wrench.
  • 19mm wrench to hold nut for mount seating/compression
  • Cutting, Grinding Tools ( Only needed if you break off center bolt during removal and to remove any broken off 10 mm studs from factory mounts )

Support the car for cradle mount removal/install:

I jacked and supported the car on the right side, completed the install on that side then jacked and did the left side. You could probably jack both sides and support car/cradle and should work fine. Using floor jack, jack up the car enough to remove tires, remove tires,

Place one jack stand between rear mounts on engine cradle and one on each side of the cradle in the front. The car should now be supported by 4 jack stands under the engine cradle.

Make certain the car is supported safely with the jack stands before continuing with this procedure.

Remove the old mounts

1. Soak the old mounts with PB Blaster before trying to remove them. Soaking them over several days with multiple applications might be desirable if the bolts are badly rusted.

2, Remove AC line holding clamp that is located on the left side inner front engine cradle, about 6 inches back from front mount location. This is to remove any stress on the line when doing left side.

cradle bushings-3

3. With car already supported on jack stands, mark inner washer locations on strut tops, loosen the 3, 13mm top nuts holding strut at top but don't remove them just back them off to the top of the studs as shown in the photo below. Doing this will give a little extra room to get the mounts between the cradle and the body.

cradle bushings-4

4. Jack body using floor jack to create a 4 inch or larger gap needed to install new mounts.

5. Use air or electric impact wrench to remove 15mm center bolts. Remove center 15mm bolts.

You just need the bolt to release from the body. Due to rust the bolt may not come completely out of the mounts and drop out.

6. Once all bolts are released from the side you are working on, begin jacking the body up using the  floor jack. (Position the jack on the factory front jack pad.)

Jack the body up enough to create a bigger gap so its easier to remove the 3, 10mm nuts on each mount. Once they are removed the mount should drop out. Remove all mounts on the side your are working on.

Remove and install the mounts only on one side of the car at a time to prevent the cradle from shifting out of alignment.

Installation of Dorman 924-005 Mounts:

Assemble the parts:

Top mounting parts are the "Large Metal Washer" with protruding metal D shape and the round bushing fits inside this washer. Bottom parts are are the large "D" shaped bushing with large contoured bottom washer.

1. Push bottom D shaped bushing into cradle from the bottom, push part way in, about 1/2 inch through frame. This bushing is a snug fit into D space on frame. See photo below.

cradle bushings-5

2. Take top washer with bushing and position it on top side of frame and align the D shaped parts. Compress and seat bushing.

Seating/Compressing Bushings:

YOU MUST seat/compress the bushings before letting the body down or you will not be able to get bolts to reach and thread into car side body nuts.

1. With the parts already placed, slide the large washer onto the top of the Dorman washer and place a nut on the top of it. Using a washer on the bottom, feed the bolt up through mount assembly and get it to thread onto nut.

cradle bushings-6

2. Hold the nut on the top with a wrench and use a ratchet to tighten. This will draw lower bushing up into frame and pull the top bushing down into lower bushing seating/compressing them onto frame.

3. Once compressed, remove bolt with lower washer and top nut and washer. When bolts and nuts are removed the assembly should stay compressed enough for you to bolt the cradle to the body.

cradle bushings-9

4. Install and compress all the mounts on one side, then lower the floor jack to bring the car body down to the top of the mounts.

5.Install the bottom washer and bolt, then using a ratchet, tighten each mount snug but not really tight. You will be tightening the bolts to proper torque later.

cradle bushings-11

6. Replace the mounts on the other side of the cradle using the instructions outlined above.

7. After all mounts are installed and bolted up, remove support from floor jack, car resting on jack stands.

8. Torque bolts to 76 foot pounds in this order:

  • Inner rear left then inner rear right ( position 2 in 89 FSM).
  • Front left then right ( position 1 in 89 FSM).
  • Then the last two rear outer mounts can be done in any order ( Position 3 in 89 FSM).

9. Re-attach AC clamp (Left Side) and tighten all the top studs nuts on struts and anything else you may have removed.

Be sure you align the washers and nuts on the studs back to the original location to prevent getting the front end out of proper alignment.

Congratulations! You have now completed the mount install. In my opinion, these mounts are better than the original. Heavier parts and better design. Rust can only start and accumulate where the metal D part of the top washer and bolt are. There are drain holes here and in bottom washer, unlike factory mounts that can rust together all the way through from top washer through mount.

Thanks to Dashmaster and other members of the Reatta forums for this information and the photos.


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