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How to modify the throttle cable bracket for a supercharged 3800 Engine.

When supercharging your 1990 or earlier Reatta the throttle cable bracket must be modified to accept the TV cable that controls the shifting of the transmission.

Tools and parts you will need:

  • A Hack saw
  • Several files
  • A Hammer
  • Throttle cable bracket from your Reatta
  • Throttle cable bracket from the supercharged car.

1. First, cut the stock bracket, removing the hole that the TV cable locks into.  Remove plenty of extra metal. You can remove the extra, but you can’t add to it later. See picture below.


2. Next, trim the bracket for the supercharger. See picture below.


3. File all edges smooth and clean.

4. Next fit the piece that you cut from the stock  bracket.


5. Move it in at least ¼” from the cut edge.  When you have it lined up, clamp it down. There are two ways to do the next step. You can use pop rivets to hold it in place, or you can weld it. I choose to weld it. Once it is held in place you can remount it to the engine and slide the cable into the hole, making sure it is locked in and then follow the instructions in the shop manual to adjust it.

Below is the finished product.


The finished, mounted and chrome plated product.


Thanks to 63viking, member of the Reatta forums, for this information.


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