This tutorial explains how to remove the Reatta Headlight Assembly. 

The headlight needs to be removed to repair the gearbox, replace the bellcrank or replace the entire motor.

Just a few simple hand tools are needed to remove the headlight assembly. They are shown in the photo below.


Steps for removing the headlight:

1. Raise the headlight manually using the knob. You may need to help it up with your hand if the gearbox of bellcrank are stripped.

2. Remove the #15 Torx screws from the black plastic headlight shield and remove the shield. There are two on each side.


3. Remove the 4 headlight cover nuts from the studs.

Note the position of any washers or shims that may be on the studs between the cover and the mount. The shims are used for proper alignment of the cover to the fenders.


Disconnect the bellcrank link where it mounts to the headlight.


5. Tilt the headlight forward and remove the wiring connector from the headlight.

Note the way the wire is routed for proper placement when re-installing.

6. Using a 10mm socket and #30 Torx bit remove the headlight pivot bolts.

7. Remove and set aside the headlight assembly.


8. Unplug the headlight motor connector.

You might need to remove the 4 mounting bolts first depending on the side of the car you are working on.

9. Using a 10mm socket wrench, remove the 4 headlight frame mounting bolts. You will need a flex extension for the socket on one of the bottom bolts.


10. Remove the frame and motor from the car.

Instructions for performing repairs to the headlight assembly can be found on this website.

Thanks to Barney Eaton and others for information that helped me write this tutorial.

Thanks to members of the AACA Reatta forum for this information.

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