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Below you will find information to help you repair and replace the Reatta sunroof.

Additional information and parts diagrams can be found on this website.

Wabesco made the sunroof for the Reatta and Mazda.
GM does not carry replacement parts.
Mazda does but you must convince the parts guy that the Mazda parts fit the Reatta.
The simple solution is to buy from a wrecking yard.

The complete RX-7 unit will fit into a Reatta.
(1) you must use the Reatta metal sunroof panel.
(2) you must drill a couple of holes for the Reatta dome light.
(3) use the Reatta switch
(4) there are some extra tabs on the Mazda unit that need to be bent out of the way or cut off.

-Barney Eaton

First you have to remove the headliner:
This is done by removing the visors, visor clips, side panels in the rear where the seat belt goes into, the dome light (which is done by prying those two clip like things down from the two pins) and the sunroof switch. And I believe that is it. The headliner is also held by Velcro on the sides and in the rear.

Once the headliner is down:
You will notice that there is 6 (I believe) metal "tabs" that stick out to hold the sunroof, there also are 4 bolts in the corners. Remove the corner bolts before the "tabs". Then make sure you disconnected all of the wiring. Also remove the drain tubing. You can then start removing the main bolts on the "tabs" make sure you or someone else holds the assembly so that it does not come falling down. Once all of the bolts are removed the assembly should then come down.

Once the assembly is down:
You can try to get the cables loose by taking them off. The guy I bought my car off of, was trying to get them loose by putting a torch to the copper lines, but he sadly passed away before he was able to fix it, which is a shame because he knew a heck of a lot about these cars from experience because he owned quite a few in the past. but anyways, if you can't get them free then you might consider purchasing a good unit from a Mazda RX-7, you can purchase used ones off of Reattas but they cost $200-300 whereas the RX-7's cost $120-200.

The modifications needed from an RX-7 assembly are:

There are extra "tabs that needed to be cut off, there is extra metal housing on the front of the assembly that needs to be cutoff,and the side supports need to be exchanged. Also, the panel from the Reatta needs to be used. The original wiring also all matched up. The only problems with the RX-7 conversion is the drain tubes didn't match up properly since the RX-7 had a different curvature, and the panel needs help on the initial lift for the same reason. Also, your roof will more than likely get 4 tiny dents in it where the 4 screws are in the corner. I believe that is all.


Thanks to members of the Reatta forums for this information.


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