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The headliner will need to be removed to do the job properly.

1) Remove the body fuse (cavity #2) from the fuse box on the left side of the console, behind the carpeted door.

2) Remove sun visors (3 phillips screws each), and unplug wire.

3) Remove sun visor clips.

4) Remove shoulder belt bezel and coat hook from both left and right C-pillars then pull the C-pillar trim back on both sides.

5) Remove molding from around sunroof perimeter.

6) Remove lens from dome lamp and remove bulb.

7) Using thin flat blade screwdriver, pull down on the two lock washers that attach dome lamp to headliner.

Hint: put a piece of tape on the bottom of each stud. Once the washers are loose, they tend to fly into an inaccesible place in the car. The tape will hold them until you can grab them.

8) starting near the rear window, carefully reach up between the headliner and the roof.  There are six velcro strips that secure the headliner to the roof. two in back, one above each door, and two in the front. Slowly remove them, and slide the headliner back, and out the door.

THERE IS NO REASON TO REMOVE THE A-PILLARS ! If you attempt to, they will many times break.

9) You will see four drain tubes, one in each corner; remove the clamp attaching each one, and blow them out with compressed air. the front tubes exit behind the front wheels; the rear ones, in front of the rear wheels.

10) Check in the pan area around the drain tubes for any corrosion or rust thru. If any corrosion is evident, the sunroof assembly should be replaced.

If your sunroof is still operational, this is a great time to grease the cables. The cables run in the slot in the chrome tracks on either side. White lithium grease works well. Run the roof thru a few cycles to distribute grease.

This is also a great time to replace the headliner if yours is bad.


 Thanks to members of the Reatta forums for this information.


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