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It is well know that the sunroofs used on the late 80's Mazda RX-7's are practically the same as those used on the Reatta, with the exception of the painted outer panel, which has more of a curve than the Reatta outer panel.

Members of the Reatta forums have compiled information on what must be done to use the Mazda sunroof as a Reatta replacement. Below you will find information that will help you in using the Mazda parts or the complete Mazda unit in your Reatta.

Mazda RX-7 sunroof with associated part numbers:


Mazda RX-7 cables can be used to replace the Reatta sunroof cables.

Here are the part numbers for new '88 Mazda RX-7 sunroof cables:

  • Right side:  FB03-69-842A
  • Left side:  FB03-69-843A

A  point that can't be stressed enough...  even if you buy the cables, they are NOT an easy installation.

Exploded view of the sunroof parts:


You must add "FB03-" to the beginning of each part number to complete the full Mazda part number and be able to look them up on the above online parts site. In some cases, the letter at the end is also missing.

NOTE: the "emergency handle" that RX-7's came with. For the Reatta, we are instructed to use an Allen wrench in an emergency. The RX-7 owners were given a handle in the glovebox! The RX-7 handle is discontinued.


Several Reatta owners have installed Mazda sunroofs in their cars with no difficulty.

Modifications needed from an RX-7 assembly are:

  1. You need to drill two mounting holes in the Mazda unit for the Reatta dome light.  
  2. There are extra "tabs that needed to be cut off.
  3. There is extra metal housing on the front of the assembly that needs to be cut off.
  4. The side supports need to be exchanged.
  5. The roof panel from the Reatta needs to be used.

The original wiring also all matched up. The only problems with the RX-7 conversion is the drain tubes don't match up properly since the RX-7 had a different curvature. Sometimes the panel needs help on the initial lift for the same reason. Also, your roof will more than likely get 4 tiny dents in it where the 4 screws are in the corner. I believe that is all.

You have to remove two metal tabs at the back, switch the main mounting brackets, add the dome light, remove a mount on the front of the assembly, and plug the last end of wiring into the RX-7 wires, and its pretty much done. 

Thanks to members of the Reatta forums for this information.


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