It is common for the amber globe to break in the combination park/turn light assembly. The following instructions tell how to make and/or install a new amber globe.


Tools Needed: T15 Torx screwdriver or bit, 7mm socket, 7mm wrench. small screwdrivers for prying.

  1. Remove entire light assembly from the car and place on a work bench.
    • Parking Lamp Assembly Removal
      NOTE: Be careful when removing the combination light assembly, as there may be burrs on the back edge of it that could scratch paint. If they exist, be sure to file them off before reassembly.
  2. Carefully pry the bulb-holder from the back of the assembly. This is different than all the other bulb holders. It is a separate piece.

    Be very careful and work slowly to prevent damage to the housing.


Make Globe:

Tools Needed: Dremel tool ,metal cutting blade, glass cutting blade, high temp Silicone rtv, 5 minute epoxy, safety glasses.

  1. Cut the metal base off a 1157NA bulb. carefully remove the metal base from the bulb.

    Eye protection must be worn to prevent injury!

  2. Cut the bottom off the bulb. You must go slow. If it gets too hot in one spot, it will crack. You need to cut it off high enough so the Halogen bulb will fit inside it. (Practice on an old clear bulb to determine where to cut it.) You have to be very careful or it will crack in the wrong place. 
  3. Glue the bulb holder in place on the bottom of the modified 1157NA bulb with epoxy.
  4. Let the epoxy dry thoroughly.
  5. This step requires grinding the hole in the housing. The hole needs to be enlarged enough so the new globe can be fitted inside the light. If you don't want to grind the housing, the light assembly can be taken apart to insert the globe.

    Use a Dremel tool and enlarged the hole in the housing just enough for the globe to fit through. Don't take too much off. You still need a lip for the globe holder to sit on. After you are finished grinding the hole in the housing use a vacuum and/or an air compressor to clean out the housing.


Insert the the amber globe into the hole in the housing and center the three prongs so they rest on the flange. Don't glue the globe holder to the housing, you may need to replace it later. The bulb mount holds it in place just fine. 

  1. Put a little epoxy on the round bulb mounting plate.
  2. Press  the bulb mounting plate over the hole in the housing, making sure the amber globe holders three tangs remain centered in the hole. Note: The turn signal cap is notched. It only goes in one way.

  3. Let the epoxy set up.

  4. Reinstall the light assembly into the car.

    When you install the 890 bulb into the amber globe it must not be longer than 1.5" from tip to gasket or it may damage the globe. Be aware that all 890 bulbs are not the same length. Sylvania/Wagner/GE are OK, unlabeled (marked 890 on box) may be too long and strike globe.

    890_turn_signal_bulbs.jpgThanks to Padgett for providing this photo
  5. Admire your work.


  • If your lens is cloudy and dull, use a random orbit buffer and Mequiars #2 polish to restore optical clarity. Buff it out with Mequiars plastic polish after that.
  • Be careful when handling the halogen bulbs. You don't want to touch the glass.
  • A total of about 3 hours are needed to repair the broken globe.

UPDATE:  There is now an amber LED bulbs that can be purchased to replace the standard 890 bulb that will provide the amber light needed to make your turn signal light look amber again without repairing the globe as described below. The amber LED bulb is no longer available in The Reatta Store in the Lights & Bulbs category. Thanks to Greg Ross for bringing this information to our attention!

EDIT: It has been reported that the amber LED referred to above may have been redesigned and my no longer provide a bright enough light to be a suitable replacement for the turn signal bulb. 1/26/2014

Thanks to members of the AACA Reatta forum for this information.

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