Remote transmitter programming instructions

Note if you only have one remote you do the procedure twice as if you have two remotes. Leave a window down in case you lock the car by accident.

  • Before starting this procedure, BOTH transmitters must be present.
  • Failure to use both transmitters will render the missing transmitter inoperative.
  • If the customer uses only one transmitter on the vehicle, use this transmitter as transmitter 1 and 2.

Open the trunk and detach left side carpet covering EBCM and fender well. Locate the purple wire with the single green connector (might be green wire with purple connector). This wire, unattached on one end, has a Green connector at it's end and may be immediately seen upon removal of the carpet or it may be necessary to search for it. Some are attached to the EBCM wire harness and are at the front end of harness, deep in the trunk.

The entire reprogramming sequence must be completed within 30 seconds of grounding the connector. If the procedure is not completed, remove the ground at the connector and restart the procedure from step 1.

1. Ignition "ON"
2. Ground green single wire connector ( located near the ABS module in the trunk.
3. Wait for the door locks to lock and unlock ( should take 2 seconds)
4. Press the "unlock" button on the first transmitter twice ( pauses for one second between presses)
5. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock ( should take 2 seconds)
6. Press the "unlock" button on the second transmitter twice ( pause for one second between presses)
7. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock ( should take 2 seconds)
8. Remove ground from green connector
Thanks to Jim Finn, member of the AACA Reatta forum, for this information.

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