How To Flush And Bleed The Brakes

It is HIGHLY recommended that all the fluid in the whole system be changed with new fluid every two years to eliminate any built up moisture in the system.

The pump is a fluid pump and needs to be initially bled to get the air out of the pump. The pump will not work with air in it. Once the brake pump has been off the car, or ran without fluid, it will be air bound and the brake pump will need to have the air purged from it before bleeding rest of the brake system.  Here are instructions for purging air from the pump.

When you are done check the high and low marks on the reservoir. After the system pump and motor has run and the lights are out the level should be at the low mark. When you have pumped the brakes with the key off 25 times the level will be at the high mark. Add or remove fluid if necessary to bring the fluid to the correct level.

Thanks to Jim Finn, members of the AACA Reatta forum, for this information.