The following instructions are for repairing broken studs that hold the tail light assembly to the body.

You Will Need:

How To Repair The Broken Stud:

  1. Start by field stripping the tail light. Separate the three pieces by slowly prying them apart.Once they are apart, clean the Adhesive from each part.  Put them aside.
  2. Take the light bulb holder section and find the broken stud.
  3. Then take your 1/4" drill and drill a hole straight thru the piece, making sure the new hole follows the same angle as the old stud.
  4. Insert the 1/4 X 20 Bolt thru the tail light and fasten it with 1/4 x 20 nut. Now clean off the old stud of any plastic that was on it. Put it a vise and cut off the end that threads in to the tail light.
  5. Thread the piece that you have in the vise to 1/4 X 20.
  6. Put a 1/4 X 20 nut on this piece to use as a jam nut.  You can shorten this piece to fit.
  7. Next screw on the 1/4 X 20 adapter and another 1/4 X 20 nut. adjust for length and you have a better than new stud. 
  8. Use auto sealer to reassemble the tail light.

    You cannot see the bolt through the tail light


Hardware needed

Hole drilled and ready for the bolt

Bolt installed with jam nut

Hardware assembled and ready for installation into the body

Thanks to Daves89, member of the AACA Reatta forum, for this information.