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TOPIC: New here

New here 4 years 8 months ago #1

  • 89reatta
  • 89reatta's Avatar
Hey everyone!

My name is Ed, and I bought my first Reatta, an '89 blue/brown Coupe, 3 weeks ago. I've already done a ton of work to it and am really enjoying this car!!! I'm glad to have found this site to connect with other Reatta owners!

It has the 16-way seats and factory sunroof. We bought it from the original owner. Only 66,000 miles!!!

I've put new speakers in the doors and behind the seats. I bought new brackets for the back speakers from East Coast Reatta Parts, and installed the 6x9 Infinity Kappas like they suggested. They sound MUCH better than the factory speakers that were falling apart when I took them out.

My grandkids love the touch screen. And they thought they had some cool technology!

I also installed both rebuilt headlight motors and a rebuilt radio from East Coast Reatta Parts as well. My wife was afraid to drive the car at night with the headlights working intermittently. But now that it's getting so nice, I may have to buy her one!

Next up is the A/C. The compressor is bypassed right now using a smaller belt, but with the trips my wife and I are planning to make this summer, we will need the A/C to be working.

Any suggestions on the A/C? I'm not a very good mechanic (swapping out speakers and headlight motors is about the extent), so I will probably be paying my friend Ray to do it. He's quoted me $800. Is that a good price?

I am glad to be a part of a community like this!
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New here 4 years 8 months ago #2

  • Furman83
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  • 1988 Red Reatta
Welcome Ed!!
Sounds like a nice one you have. I had some AC issues when I got my 88 3 years ago (with about 96,000 now have 121,000 miles).
I bit the bullet and had my Mechanic do a complete redo of the AC system. I replaced the Compressor and switch to the new 134 system. The total cost was $1,100.00. But being in TN it was worth it. I am a novice mechanic and this site has saved me more money than the cost of this more complex issue. I had to pick my battles and this was one I felt was better in the hands of a professional.
Is your Mechanic going to make the switch from R12?

1988 Red 2 Door Coupe with Gray Interior
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New here 4 years 8 months ago #3

  • 89 MAUI
  • 89 MAUI's Avatar
Ed -

Welcome, sounds like a nice find on your '89, I am not aware that the '89 had a blue(Sapphire Firemist) with a tan interior. Do you have the blue or black side molding? Also, did the orig owner keep it garaged, if he did that is a definite plus.

My suggestion on your A/C is if your mechanic can rebuild the compressor and keep it R12 instead of swapping it to R134. R12 provides colder air than R134. If the mechanic can rebuild the compressor and insure that all the connections are "tight" then you can get many miles out of it. The R12 is still available but is more costly than the replacement of R134 gas. But that is only my suggestion.

If there is any thing else that you are having a problem with let us know. We would also like to assist you in the maintenance and upkeep of the car. The better maintenance and you can drive it into the 200K mileage. (that is what you call a inexpensive new car) Many other members have hit that level and they are still driving them. BTW - one owner has 450K on his due to good maintenance.

We are so glad that you are enjoying a Reatta, it is truly an enjoyable car to drive. Visit us often.


89 Sapphire Firemist - Triple Blue
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New here 4 years 8 months ago #4

  • Ronnie
  • Ronnie's Avatar
Welcome to the forum Ed! I hope you enjoy your stay.
Red/Tan 1988 coupe
BCA & Reatta Div. member

Great prices on new Buick Reatta parts.

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New here 4 years 8 months ago #5

  • 2seater
  • 2seater's Avatar
Glad to see another one go to a good home and welcome aboard.

Is the compressor actually bad or was it bypassed for other reasons? I am somewhat biased perhaps, but would stay with R12 if possible. A lot will depend on the level of parts needed to get the system operational again. If other parts, in addition to the compressor, are required that would be changed with a R134 conversion, then it may make better sense to do so. Your choice of course.
1990 Coupe lightly turbocharged
1989 Coupe in need
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