You can replace the radio module on '88 & '89 models without removing the seat but if you need to the seat is easily removed.

Seat removal:

  • 4 Phillips screws to remove plastic bolt covers.
  • 4 nuts hold seat in place
  • 1 connector for seatbelt
  • Disconnect wire connectors
  • Tilt steering wheel all the way up. Cover it with something to prevent accidental scuffs from seat.

Remove console panel:

There is only 1 screw which is not accessible if you need to remove the side of the console tunnel, due to seat location. (see photo) If you are lucky you will find the screw was not installed. Try removing all screws holding the left side tunnel cover, and see if the last one is holding it, then you'll know if the seat has to come out.

Upon re-installation of your tuner module, make sure to leave that screw out, so you can access that area in the future without removing the seat. There are other system components down there you may need to access later, one being an inverter.

Same holds true for passenger side cover, 1 screw blocked by seat.

Disconnect the battery first to prevent damage, fire or personal injury!

You can remove the radio without removing the side of the console as shown in the photo below but be aware that it is very close inside if you decide to remove the radio module from the top.

To remove the radio module from the top of the console:

  1. Remove the horse-shoe shaped metal thing that holds the shifter knob to the bar, pull off the knob
  2. CAREFULLY pull the indicator section up, two tabs on each side hold it.
  3. Remove the two screws that hold the front of the console top, they are in the front
  4. Open the ashtray, remove those screws underneath, and the whole top piece should be free
  5. Remove two screws that secure the module to the console
  6. Disconnect the antenna and wire connectors on the top of the module, observing where the wires connect
  7. Carefully pull the module up on the front end until you have access to the wire connections on the bottom
  8. Note how the plugs are connected and then remove them from the bottom of the module
  9. Remove the module
  10. Installation is the reverse of the above

Some people have reported that they had great difficulty replacing the radio module and recommend you take out the drivers seat, and take off the side of the console tunnel. I replaced mine from the top without too many problems. It IS very close working through the top of the console.

NOTE: Cracking sounds from the radio are frequently the result of 6 bad capacitors, which are green colored. Radio capacitor replacement instructions can be found here.

I would not waste your time repairing the radio. I have done it and it is very not for the every day mechanic. Just get one out of a 88-94 Chevy pickup, They also came in 95 Buick Regals. If you must have the 7 band equalizer then make sure it was a option on the doner vehicle.


Thanks to members of the AACA Reatta forum for this information.

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