The following is instructions for an 1988-89 instrument cluster. The 1990-91 bulbs are soldered in place and these instructions do not apply.

These are not instructions for replacing the little bulbs under the "Push Button" indicators [METRIC,TEST, TRIP SET, GAGE]. They are removable, according to Jim Finn, by prying them out with a fine pick. I do not know what that bulb number is. I have not attempted this as yet.

Items needed:

  • #194 light bulb{s)
  •  7/32 Nut Driver
  •  Needle Nose Pliers.

Bulb Replacement Instructions:

  1. Remove the instrument cluster per the instructions found here.
  2. Remove the 5ea. 7/32 screws that hold down the clear plastic face plate. Lift panel off.
  3. Remove the anti-vibration gasket. It is held in place by two pins located on the white bulb retainer box. Now remove the small bulb identification panel that is also held in place by those same two pins on the white bulb retainer box.
  4. With a needle nose pliers grasp the bulb that does not work [in this case the "Service Engine Soon" bulb and pull straight out.
  5. Replace bulb with #194 bulb.
  6. Replace in inverse order of above instructions.
  7. Reinstall the instrument cluster per the instructions found here.

I have replaced the bulbs without removing the cluster, however that method is not recommended as you may drop and lose screws. Of course that is up to you. This is a fairly easy repair and almost anyone could/should attempt it. It actually took longer to write this then it did to replace the bulb. [I actually took a spare apart as I was writing this.

Regarding any warning lights on the 1990-91 cluster. I do not own that vintage Reatta [Riviera] so when I find a cluster at the U Pick yard I just sell it to Jim Finn who replaces them and resells it. He may work out a "swap" program with you as he does with the 1990 light switch.

Thanks to DAVES89, member of the ROJ & AACA Reatta forums for this information.

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