The flasher is located next to the steering wheel column under the dash.

Make sure you don't have a bulb out before going to the trouble of replacing the flasher. It is not fun.

Replacement Instructions:

  • Remove the plastic kick panel above the gas/brake pedals.
  • Move the seat back as far as it goes (or remove the drivers seat)
  • Lay on your back in the floor board to gain access underneath the dash.

Leave your turn signal on in the direction that it works so as to hear the ticking sound and feel your way to the ticking flasher. If the flasher is not working at all turn on your emergency flasher. The emergency flasher is right beside the turn flasher.

Feel your way to the ticking flasher. The turn signal flasher will be right beside your ticking emergency flasher.

Room is extremely tight and you'll only be able to use one hand. I hope you have a small hand. Mine are small and it was a job to get it out and install the new one.

Thanks to members of the AACA Reatta forum for this information.

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