The kit that I used on my Reatta was the STS-1 kit from, $ 69.00 each.

These instructions are for installing the kit on a 1989 model. Wiring on other models will be similar but may not be exactly the same.

I went out & purchased some wire to extend the wires on the sequential turn signal modules. They are definitely to short to mount the modules in the trunk, as the instructions call for.

Preparing to install the kit:

  • Remove the taillight assembly and lay on rear bumper.
  • Twist the outside 3 sockets out of their retainers on each side and lay in the space between taillight assembly and back of car.

    You may not want to turn key to run and turn on directional as you will run down battery before you finish. You can periodically turn the car to the "run" position and check your work. I ended up using my battery charger to keep the car powered up.

  • Drill a 3/8" hole between the two taillight hold down bolts located closest to the trunk latch. There is an indention there and the sequential controller lies perfectly there.
  • Repeat on drivers side. Install grommet [not supplied] Run all the wires thru.
See the photos below
  • On innermost of the three sockets:
    Scotch lock the red wire to the green wire. Then the black wire to the black wire also using a scotchlock connector.
  • Middle socket: 
    Snip the green wire and attach the white wire to the green wire coming out of the pigtail.
  • Tape off the snipped green wire end coming from the harness.
  • Outer socket:
    Snip both green leads, attach blue wire to both green pigtail leads. Tape off each green lead from the harness by themselves.
Do the same as above only you are working with the yellow wires. The one exception is that the middle outlet [on mine anyway] has the two leads. I snipped them both, causing the outside light not to work. I then had to wire the white wire to one of the snipped pigtails and reconnect the "other" yellow wire back together to be a "traveler" lead to the outside outlet.I then taped off the lead coming from the harness.

The outside pigtail only had one yellow lead which I snipped and the attached the blue lead to, also taping off the lead coming from the harness.
In essence on my car it may have looked like the middle and outside lights were reversed, (compared to the passenger side), because if you remember, when I wired the passenger side, the wire harness had two green leads at the outer bulb where the drivers side had one green lead at the outer bulb.

All in all the directions were pretty straight forward, it just takes time to figure out where to put the sequential controller and figuring out the wiring. First side took about an hour, second side 15 minutes. I had to take breaks which made my time even longer as I ran my battery all the way down and then had to wait for it to power up...



Thanks to Daves89, member of the AACA Reatta forum, for this information.

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