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The 90/91 dash removal and installation is similar but a bit more difficult due to an additional support bracket at the lower center part that bolts to the firewall. This is a dog to get to, and if you miss it you can damage the Dash by cracking the plastic superstructure. - KDirks

These instructions were written from my experience when I removed the dash from my 1989 model. The procedure should be basally the same for a 1988 model.

Remove screws and bolts holding the dash:

I used a small T shirt to protect the steering wheel. I also removed both seats and used the nuts that hold the seats upside down as the nuts have integrated washers on them. I then used the floor mats to protect us from the seat bolts with the nuts on them.

  1. Start by disconnecting the battery, removing all the instrumentation, IPC, CRT, Cassette Deck, Headlight/Wiper switches.
  2. Then remove the narrow vent panel on the top of the dash, followed by removing the dash pad using the "puller" tool discussed in the Dash Pad Removal Instructions on this website.
  3. You will have to remove the console and set that aside. To remove the console, remove the two console front side panels then pull the console storage box and remove the two 10mm nuts.
  4. Remove the shifter panel [held in place by snap clips], followed by the two torx screws holding the long panel in place. We did not remove the long panel but left the rear screws in place.
  5. Remove the two bolts holding down the "dog house", (the part for the console that houses the cassette deck).
  6. Remove the two screws that fasten through the back of the dog house.
  7. Work the dog house out to the passenger side.
  8. Remove the two kick panels located under each dash, then the steering column collar.
  9. Remove the four bolts holding the steering Column to the dash.
  10. Remove the three bolts along the bottom of the dash that hold the bottom in place.
  11. Remove the 3 torx screws holding the top of the dash in place.

Getting the dash out of the car:

  • By now you should see that the dash is loose and ready to come out but there are a couple of things more to do. You must remove the vent hose at the point where it is attached to the dash pad and you must remove the screw that holds the junction plug together.
  • At this point you should be able to remove the dash, it pays to have two people as you want to be careful not to damage anything on the removal of the old dash and then when putting the new one back in place.

Once again this was for the '88/89. I did not remove the '90/91 dash that I swapped with Kevin, the price for them to remove it was too cheap and I didn't want to drive 75 miles to do it myself.

Thanks to DAVES89 and KDirk, members of the AACA and ROJ forum for this information.

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